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Wouldnt the world be better if all drool looked like this?



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These pieces are based of the Cordyceps fungus that takes over host insects. The fungus germinates on the exoskeleton, and growing inwards, quickly devours organ, leaving the section of the brain controlling movement as well as muscles intact. It then moves the insect like a puppet either up a tree or deep in the hive where it consumes the last of the internal strucures of its victim, then bursts through the exoskeleton in a wide variety of beautiful sporulating bodys.

Mouth Piece- electroformed copper, forged steel, sterling silver and 14k gold.

Brooch- Chased copper, forged steel, sterling silver and 14k gold

Hair Pin- Electroformed copper, forged steel, glass, 14k gold

Mouth Piece- Glass

Head Piece- Copper, Steel, Gauze

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More Pictures of the Molecule Piece:

Hello World!

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Hey this is my first blog post ever! Im going to go call the local news channel while you read and check out some neat pictures. Enjoy!

I started this page to give myself and others an outlet. I, as well as many other people in contemporary art and craft today, make a wide variety of objects for the body. Some of them are fun, pretty, exciting, engaging, as well as wearable. These things are woderful and sit under and the classical definition of jewelry. But many of us have taken this once strictly wearable art form, often revolving around and conveying the wealth and status of the wearer, to strange and exotic places, often diverging so far from the world of convetional body adorment as to be considered solely fine art involving bodily interaction. These are the artists who interest me the most. 

Some people say the body is a temple. While the next comment usually involves something about tofu and world harmony, I choose to interpret this phrase much more literally. A temple is a center for worship, a gathering place for like minds and souls,  a hub for a common consciousness, and the link between physical, tangible realities and metaphysical, sublime realities. They are the places and objects that connect us to things that are not immediately in our grasp. Our own body’s are our personal hub and center for each of our own subjective realities. They are the vessels in which we experience and explore both the tangible world and the world that exists inside each of our minds. They are spaceships, time machines, and diesel trains all rolled into one.

When we experience objects, especially fundamentally ‘useless’ objects, in relation to our body’s the experience becomes fundamentally different. They inspire feelings and thoughts within us that without the aspect of connection to a human body, would not be as readily available. Dont get me wrong. These objects to do not ‘create’ theses ethereal senses, but they do stimulate and inspire them just as images of dietys and damnation do in temples.

This brings me my first posted piece.

More pics to come. And this piece is one that requires a myriad of images. It is composed of 7 raised silver and copper hollow spheres and numerous copper rods. All of these peices are mechanically connected so as to allow for the fullest range of movement possible. This allows for the geometric shape to be manipulated to fit in many different ways on ones upper body (neck piece, back piece, head piece, etc.). The form is reminiscent of the old elementary school model of a molecule that we all know today to be a misrepresentation of the universe at a small scale. Quantum physics tells us (And I do mean ‘tells us’. If you fully understand this concept and feel confident in your ability to explain it to someone who failed all highschool math, please,please PLEASE contact me.) that while many parts a small atomic structures are tangible, most of the structures mass and shape are not only in motion but actually pure possibilitys and subjective chance in observation.

I saw this cartoon a few years ago and it sparked my interest in quantum physics and even after a few years of interest and investigation, the clarity of the information is unparalleld.

Objects and energy have relative relationships to eachother that do no correspond to our uderstanding of the physical universe (time, space, mass). Connections are constantly forming and breaking from opposite ends of the universe, simultaneously creating and destroying. When one changes the form and placement of this piece they are simultaneously creating and destroying relationships between the spheres, an object that represents unity and singularity.

Lets be clear though. I am in no way suggesting this piece is a purposeful metaphor for reality, conciousness or for universal form. Not by any means. But it is a manifestation of a basic human interest in how we connect to the universe through the body.

Well that’s it for now, much more to come.

Special thanks to Kencredible and Velocity for the great pics!